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Testosterone propionate is a popular androgens was first used in Germany in 1937, it was the first commercially available testosterone. In 1960’s they began to use testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate. Test Prop is one of the leading products in HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for treatment of low level testosterone which can effects physical, emotional, and mental health in men and women.

Testosterone Propionate is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders for physical performance enhancement. Athletes also use it to increase strength and achieve lean body mass and for the cutting phase. Testosterone Propionate can be used for mass building and increase fat loss and muscle repair. To enhance muscle mass and density, it is recommended to combine proper dieting and regular body exercising when testosterone propionate is administered.

The best benefits of Testosterone Propionate are typically the same as cycling any other Testosterone only without holding any water retention.

You can experience about 25lbs of lean muscle gain combined with some fat loss

Strength will also go up in the first few weeks, then

The main difference with Propionate is that results occur fast, compared to Test Enanthate or Cypionate taking more time to kick in. However the results in the end will be the same no matter what Testosterone you are using just pick at a different time.

Testosterone Propionate Cycle
Testosterone Propionate comes in a bottle of 10ml dosed at 1ml/100mg or 1ml/50mg .

Beginner Cycle
50mg to 100mg every other day, for 8 weeks.

Intermediate Cycle
200 mg / 150mg every other day, for 8 weeks.

Advanced Cycle
300 mg – 200mg every other day, for 8-10 weeks.

For any cycle with Testosterone Propionate always use Nolvadex 10-20mg a day.

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