Best protocol to get lean for summer in 5 steps

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Getting ripped is almost every man’s goal for the hot season. After long winter our body was covered with clothes. Now it’s time to show it ,how to do it correctly and what the  right enhancement products to use.  I will reveal my secret and experience of 35 years .
The First step is Nutrition. Someone once said “Muscles are built in the kitchen”
This is very true. When you have less fat you can see the muscle better and first place is your abs.

Step 1

In the first week, try to cut out all the junk food (cakes, chips, sweet drinks…) and switch soft drinks with water. Try to drink half a gallon to one a day (2-4 liter).
Keeping hydrated is very important. Water is 70% of our body.

Step 2

After cleaning all the junk from the way you will be ready to eat more of the good clean food try to keep your carbs to ( oats, rice, yams, bread )and protein sources (chicken, eggs, tuna, salmon, lean meat turkey, protein powder) for fat i will use ( avocado, nuts, olive oil, flaxseed,mackerel )

Step 3


  • For first week of cardio start low intense and for short time 10-15 minutes
  • Second week increases cardio time to 20 minutes more intensely than the first week.
  • The third week you should be 30 minutes high intense ,try to do cardio
  • 5 days a week 2 days off.

Step 4

when you train for losing fat and get more dense muscle
what are the best rep range for getting in shape.
i like to train in high volume 15-20 reps and keeping the weight moderate
i try to rest between sets up to 60 seconds.

Day 1 – shoulders ,Traps,Cardio
Day 2 – chest ,abs,calves ,Cardio
Day 3 – off
Day 4 – triceps ,biceps forearms ,Cardio
Day 5 – Legs
Day – 6 and 7 off

Step 5

Enhancement Products. This is a protocol I use to get in shape, get bigger, leaner and ripped.

Week 1-4

  • Clenbuterol – 1 tablet  a day .
  • Anavar – 2 tablets a day .
  • Testosterone propionate – 1 cc every other day.( 3 times a week)

Week 5-8

  • Primobolan – 2 ampules a week.
  • Winstrol- 2 tablets a week
  • Proviron – 1 tablet a day

Week 9-12

  • Trenbolone Acte – 1 cc twice a week
  • Testosterone Suspension – 1cc every other day.
  • Boldenone – 2cc a week.


By Alex Hanna 3 times Nabba Mr World


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