Which Hormones Make Men look younger

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First Hormone Testosterone

As we age our hormones decrease, that is part of aging. When a man passes the age of 30 things start to go downhill, less energy, less libido, less hair, more fat around the waist, erectile dysfunction, depression, loss of muscle mass.
There are several way to treat Testosterone deficiency oral, paches, gels, injections.

My favorite and most effective way is injection

Once a week up to 200mg of Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Ente. That is what is called TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy )
Also I would add to that Arimidex 1mg tablet once a week to keep Estrogen level low.
The most important to slow aging processes is keeping all hormones balanced.
Once your TRT starts in 3rd week you will start feeling higher levels of Androgen in your body and you will feel more energised, better libido, your skin will start to look better and you’ll be in a better mood, you will feel young again!!

The second Hormone HGH

As with Testosterone we start to lose HGH with time as we age.

What happens when HGH starts to decline?

  • feeling fatigue
  • skin getting dry and wrinkled
  • weight gain
  • muscle loss

What benefits can you get from HGH treatment?

  • better endurance
  • improvement in cardiovascular ability
  • younger skin
  • less anxiety or depression

So now think what happens if you combine TRT ( Testosterone Replacement Therapy ) and HGH, that is chemistry in its best secret of youth.
So here is my protocol for being younger looking and feeling better.

TRT protocol

  1. Testosterone Cypionate – 200mg a week
  2. HGH – 4iu a day (morning subcutaneous before breakfast )
  3. Arimidex – 1 tab a week (anti Estrogen )

By Alex Hanna 3 times Nabba Mr World 

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