How To Commit Yourself To Working Out

How To Commit Yourself To Working Out

When you finally make the decision to get into healthy shape, and stay that way, one of the hardest things to do is commit to working out or excersizing every day. The first thing I can tell you is that you must make it part of your daily routine. Don’t ‘try to squeeze it in’ to your day; Make time for it. Choose a time of day that works for you. Some people like to get in their work outs first thing in the morning. They wake up an hour or two earlier than they normally would, drag themselves to their gym, and push themselves through the early workout. I have found that people that work out first thing in their day, tend to keep that energy level up all during their day. If you try it for a while, but you feel ‘beaten’ later, then you’re probably not a morning person. So whether you are a night-owl, a morning person, or happen to have that free time during mid-day, then set that time aside for your workouts. If you keep a physical calendar, or scheduler, mark it in there so you see it every day. As I said just before, make your workout part of your daily routine.

One thing everyone finds necessary, is patience. Nothing happens overnight. Even the slightest body style change takes time. I can’t tell you how many times I see people start a regiment, stick to it for a few weeks, and then give up because they don’t see a difference in their body. Those people are weak, have no patience, and not willing to put in the hard work every day. You must always have patience, and know that every single workout is getting you closer to that dream body you always wanted.

Do a workout that you enjoy. If you hate doing something, then there’s no way you are going to continue to do it on a regular basis. One way to enjoy your workout more is to have a workout buddy. Maybe a spouse or significant other, or even a good friend will do. Put on music you enjoy, but definitely make sure it’s upbeat and makes you feel like you want to move.

This way your workout becomes a fun thing to do. You enjoy going because you’re with a friend (or friends), you’re listening to great music, you’re not in a rush, and best of all, you’re working on your bangin’ body!


Written by Scott Johnson


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