How to get bigger muscle

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Every man that starts to workout in the gym has a goal to have a bigger muscle and he thinks to himself how do i do that?
Here are 10 best ways to help you to achieve your goals.

1. More Food

More calories with gym workout will lead to muscle mass, muscle growth from the right kind of food.

2. More Protein

Protein food builds muscle. You need 1-2 grams of protein per lean pound of body. Every meal needs to have 25-40 grams protein.

3. Keep The Carbs

If you are looking to get bigger muscle you will need the carbs for hormone balancing ,energy and to maximize your muscle gaining.
Carbs are also super important after the workout.

4. Sleep / Rest

Try to stick to 7-9 hours of sleep, most of Growth Hormone release comes from sleeping. Getting bigger muscles is not just about what you do it’s about your rest and recovery.

5. Be consistent

Training once a week at the gym will not get you bigger. You need at least 4 times a week 60-90 minutes each time to train hard and you will see gains fast.

6. Be intense

I see so many guys and girls at the gym on social media ,texting ,joking that’s all good but not in the gym. Focus on your workout that’s what the gym is for. Keep rest between sets of shorts.

7. Consult a Trainer

Trainer is a guy who can guide you with a good body parts program search for an educated trainer and let him show you the moves once you know you can continue by yourself.

8. stay injury free

It sucks to have an injury, it will slow your progress. Keep from being strict and you build more muscle mass faster and reduce the chance of getting hurt.

9. Train your lower body

Training lower body (legs) with moves like Squats and deadlifts stimulate Testosterone and will increase lower body mass. These two moves alone will add muscle everywhere.

10. Relax

When you stress your body releases cortisol stress hormone that stops muscle building and promotes muscle breakdown. Try to relax, breathe easy, practice mental exercises and keep stress at minimum.

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