How to Gain Muscle Mass in 12 Weeks

How to Gain Muscle Mass in 12 Weeks Leave a comment

If you are a hard gainer and you’ve been trying to gain weight and muscle with no success then you will benefit from my protocol. I will take you step by step and teach you how I eat my meals and what my workout is for mass building.

Step 1

Most guys who try to get bigger always think they are eating a lot but they are really not because they are guessing the daily calories intake .
For me, food was as important as working out.

What I mean by that:

  • Eating at the same time of the day is always important. I know my muscles are waiting for the food to grow. I try to space my meals for every 3 hours up to 6-7 meals a day. Yes, I know it’s hard if you do it day after day.
  • Always try to have your food ready for the day. This way when time comes you just need to heat it and eat. if you want to gain weight you need to be organised and invest time in it.

My food will be mainly:  eggs, oatmeal, yams, red meat, chicken, protein powders, Turkey, rice, bread, pasta, vegetable, fruit, Dairy, nuts, olive oil.


Step 2

Working out Protocol

When i train to build mass, i train each body part once a week

Day 1 – Shoulders, Traps
Day 2 – Back
Day 3 – off
Day 4 – Arms
Day 5 – Legs

I do 8-12 reps on each exercise, I try to rest 60-90 seconds, I keep the weight heavy. Start off each workout with warmup and build the weight up, then move basic heavy compound exercises these will build a big strength and mass.
I change the basic compound once a month so my body won’t get used to them and then the effect will be less and so will be my growing process.

For getting better results you need

  • Consistency – not missing workouts !!
  • Overload – try to get stronger no easy way to gain muscle mass.
  • Patience – you might see a huge change in 12 weeks but getter bigger takes time ,you will make progress every month to reach your goal.


Step 3

Mass building Cycle

  1. week 1-4
  • Danabol 10mg – 2 tabs a day;
  • Deca – 300mg 2cc a week;
  • Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg – 2cc a week;
  • Nolvadex – 1 tab at night time.

2. week 5-8

  • Anapolon – 50mg – 1 tab a day;
  • Proviron 25mg 40 – 1 tab a day;
  • Sustagen: 300mg – 2cc a week;
  • Trenbolone Enanthate: 250mg – 2cc a week.

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