Anadrol (Oxymetholone) 50mg Tablets

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One of the most popular oral anabolics ever, many call him king of mass building. Made for the treatment of anemia and weight gain. Many users claim to add 25pounds with a short cycle. Some even like to use it in the last weeks before the competition to add muscle fullness, many claims to have extreme muscle pump in the gym it will increase vascularity and red blood cells. You get super strong on Anadrol and no joints pain, in my opinion A50 is best mass builder but must be combine with Nolvadex or even better Arimidex to prevent aromatization to estrogen.

Usually the cycle with Anadrol 50mg is 6 weeks at 50mg – 100mg.

Mass Cycle Protocol combine Anadrol 

  • Anadrol – 50mg a day
  • Testosterone Enete 200 mg – 2cc a week
  • Boldenone 200 mg – 2cc a week
  • Arimidex – 1 tablet every 2 days.

Super mass & strength Cycle

  • Anadrol 50mg – 2 tablets a day ( one morning one evening )
  • Trenbolone Ente – 2 cc a week
  • Testosterone Cypionate – 2cc  a week
  • Boldeone – 2cc a week
  • Arimidex – 1 tablet every other day


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