Jintropin 10IU (Somatropin)

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Jintropin is a synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) that is widely used by individuals seeking to optimize their growth hormone levels and potentially reap the benefits associated with it.

Human growth hormone plays a crucial role in various physiological processes, including growth, cell regeneration, and metabolism. Jintropin offers several potential benefits and is highly regarded for its effectiveness in promoting growth, improving body composition, and enhancing overall well-being.

Here are some key advantages and uses of Jintropin:

  1. Enhanced Muscle Growth: Jintropin can stimulate protein synthesis and promote the growth of lean muscle mass. It can help individuals, especially athletes and bodybuilders, achieve greater muscle development and improve their overall physique.
  2. Improved Fat Metabolism: Jintropin has the potential to increase metabolism and enhance fat burning, leading to improved body composition and reduced body fat percentage. It may aid in achieving a leaner and more toned appearance.
  3. Increased Energy and Stamina: Jintropin can boost energy levels and improve stamina, allowing individuals to perform at higher intensity levels during workouts or physical activities. This can result in more productive training sessions and enhanced overall performance.
  4. Enhanced Recovery and Reduced Fatigue: Jintropin aids in the recovery process by promoting tissue repair and reducing the time needed for recovery between intense workouts. It can also help reduce fatigue and improve overall energy levels.
  5. Anti-Aging Benefits: Jintropin has been associated with potential anti-aging effects, including improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, and increased vitality. It may contribute to a more youthful appearance and enhanced overall well-being.

Specification: 10IU/3.7mg/1.0ml/vial
Status: Brand new, expiration date in 3 years
Packeging: Carefully packed into Carton box

Length of use:
Jintropin HGH does not elicit results immediately. It might take 2 to 3 months before you can see results.

Detailed description of the product: 
For adults with growth hormone deficiency, JINTROPIN reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass and improves energy, vitality and subjective well-being.
In patients suffering from severe burns, AIDS associated muscle wasting, or undergoing major operations, JINTROPIN promotes wound healing, attenuates the protein-catabolic response and improves whole-body nitrogen condition after operation.

Before administration, add 1ml of sterile water to the syringe of the rhGH vial of Lyophilized powder along the syringe’s wall slowly. Shake it gently to fully dissolve the powder to get clarified solution. DO NOT shake violently. For anti-aging, general health and healing, fat mobilization, a dose of 2-3 IU’s per day will be sufficient for the majority of people. A dose of 1.5 to 2.0 IU’s is considered to be a full replacement dose for those in their middle-age and beyond. For gaining lean muscle and substantially improving body composition, a dose of 4-8 IUs per day will be necessary. Most people will respond very well to a dose of 4-5 IU’s per day. For full benefit in this regard, the addition of Testosterone, Insulin, and low-dose t3 would be something to seriously consider. More on this in our comparative cycle guide of HGH/Insulin/IGF. The recommended dosage for injection is 0.1-0.15IU/kg/day. Inject before sleeping every day at the same time and the local of injection should be changed frequently to avoid lipoatrophy, or follow the physician’s advice.

Store in the refrigerator between 2-8ºC, away from light.
Before reconstitution:
– If refrigerated between 2-8ºC, it will be good until expiration date.
– At room temperature (under 3ºC) it will be good for over 30 days.

After reconstitution: 
– Use Bacteriostatic Water to reconstitute and keep in 2~8ºC. It will be good for 20 days.
-Use Sterile Water to reconstitute and keep in 2~8ºC. It will be good for 72 hours.

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