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Active component: Oxymetholone, Oxylone 50

Form release: 60 tabs 10 mg

Alternative names: Anadrol, Oxydrol, Oxydrol tablets, Oxymetholone tablets, Anadrol-100, Oxymetholone, Dynasten, Roboral, Synasteron, Hemogenin, Oxitosona, Oxanabolic, Oxy , Oxyanabolic Tablets, Oxyanabolic .

Manufacturer: China

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is an anabolic steroid that is popular among bodybuilders and athletes for its performance-enhancing effects and mild side effects. It is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is known for its anabolic properties with minimal androgenic activity.

Anavar is primarily used during cutting phases to help preserve lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss. It is highly valued for its ability to enhance strength and promote a harder and more vascular physique. Here are some key details about Anavar:

  1. Muscle Preservation: Anavar is known for its muscle-sparing effects, which can be beneficial during calorie-restricted periods. It helps prevent muscle breakdown and promotes the preservation of lean muscle tissue.
  2. Fat Burning: Anavar has a positive impact on metabolism, stimulating fat burning and assisting in achieving a leaner physique. It can help individuals shed unwanted body fat, especially in stubborn areas.
  3. Strength and Performance: Anavar is popular among athletes and bodybuilders because it can enhance strength levels without significant weight gain. This allows individuals to maintain or even increase strength while cutting or maintaining a lower body weight.
  4. Low Androgenic Effects: Anavar is considered a milder steroid, with lower androgenic activity compared to other compounds. This means it is less likely to cause unwanted side effects such as excessive hair growth, acne, or deepening of the voice.
  5. Minimal Water Retention: Anavar does not typically cause significant water retention, making it ideal for individuals who want a dry and lean appearance. It does not lead to bloating or a puffy look, which can be advantageous during cutting cycles.
  6. Liver Toxicity: Like many oral steroids, Anavar is hepatotoxic, meaning it can strain the liver. It is important to use it responsibly and follow recommended dosage guidelines to minimize the risk of liver damage.
  7. Dosage and Cycle Length: Anavar is commonly used at doses ranging from 20 to 80 mg per day for men and 5 to 20 mg per day for women. Cycle length typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks. It is crucial to start with a lower dose and assess individual tolerance before increasing the dosage.
  8. Side Effects: While Anavar is considered relatively safe, it can still cause side effects, especially when misused or abused. Possible side effects may include testosterone suppression, lipid profile alterations, and virilization in women.

It is important to note that the use of Anavar should be approached responsibly and under the guidance of a healthcare professional. It is also essential to comply with the legal regulations and guidelines in your country regarding the purchase, possession, and use of Anavar or any other anabolic steroids.

Overall, Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a popular choice among bodybuilders and athletes for its ability to preserve muscle mass, promote fat loss, and enhance strength without significant androgenic side effects. When used correctly and in conjunction with proper nutrition and training, it can contribute to achieving a lean, sculpted, and well-defined physique.

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