PCT - The Best Way To bring back your Hormones

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When you use Anabolics (PEDs) or you are thinking about using a cycle you would be needing to learn about post cycle therapy (PCT).
you need to know how to recover and balance your hormones after a cycle.
I am going to explain and teach you the protocol.

What Is PCT?

Pct is always done after you are finished with your cycle of Anabolics no matter if it is Mass cycle or Cutting Cycle or any Protocol.
When you cycle you get many benefits of muscle growth, fast recovery after workouts, better protein synthesis,and many others. But the downside is suppressing your natural Testosterone levels. When you are on a cycle your body has lots of Testosterone supply and it stops the natural production. And when the cycle is over your body will have a hard time to function reagulary. That’s when you need the PCT to give your body the jump start to bring things back to normal. You should start your PCT the following week of the cycle you just ended. If you wait too long you end up losing gains ,decreased muscle mass ,increased fat mass and mood swings. That is why it should be obvious to always do a PCT.

PCT Protocol

Week 1-6

  • Pregnyl – 1000 iu twice a week
  • Clomid – 1 tablets 50mg a day
  • Nolvadex – 1 tablet at night time

How Should I Eat on PCT

You should eat healthy, and balanced meals to help give your body the correct nutrition it needs to recover from the last cycle.

What Side Effects Will I Have from PCT ?

Yes you might experience low labido ,fatigue ,brain fog ,and less strength at the gym .but it all should disappear by the end of the 6 week.

Your Testosterone should bounce back in the first month of PCT.

How long should I wait to start a cycle after PCT ?

I would always suggest customers to get blood work after PCT if all looks good and everything back to normal, i would not waste time and start my next cycle.

Blood work is a must. All levels are back to normal, if some of your lab results are still high I would do a detox for 4 weeks, get another blood work and if all is looking good, then you can think about the next cycle.

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