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Muscle Building Meals For Your Keto Diet

For those who have decided to embark on the journey of the keto diet, there was just one major goal, now there are two major achievements with regard to the keto diet. The first reasonable point of progress is when the body successfully starts to carry out ketosis on its own. This is generally the situation when there is a very little amount of blood sugar or glucose in the body.

Since the body uses these sugars from carbs to provide energy, the elimination of these carbs would then mean that the body would need an alternative source of energy. To completely and successfully activate ketosis, an individual would have to eat less than 50 grams of carbs on a daily basis and on some occasions, seeing people who eat as low as 20 grams is not out of the question.


Common examples of carbs and one adverse effect of excess carbs.

A good keto diet is a ketogenic diet that involves the intake of food having very high-fat content but with little or no carb content. This means that some certain foods would automatically be cut off from your regular diet.

These typical carb dishes that would be cut off include grains, legumes (reduction in intake), soft drink and candy. All these things and many more would be reduced or completely cut off. Take note that even if one is on a keto diet, he or she is free to take in carbs to his or her satisfaction every once in a while.

The principle behind ketosis is pretty much the same as normal body metabolism, just that this time instead of carbs we have fat. The fatty acid (or a majority of it anyway) will be transported to the liver to be oxidized and converted into ketones.

A wonderful benefit of ketones is that it can smoothly navigate through the blood-brain barrier to provide needed energy to the brain when glucose is not available. The fatty acid cannot cross this barrier hence the need for its conversion to ketones. So we can clearly state that ketosis is a natural form of metabolism where ketones are the major sources of energy for the entire body, including the brain.

Although before now it has been thought that the brain cannot function without regular intake of carbs. Recent research and studies have shown that a very large portion of the brain is also able to utilize ketones in times of emergency, such as when there is a very low level of carbs in the body.

The longer the time period, the higher the percentage of the brain that is able to use ketones to function normally. For instance, after a few days, about 25% of the brain depends on ketones but if left for extended periods, eventually up to 60% of the brain could become dependent on ketones.

Proteins are a vital part of the keto diet for various reasons, the first and foremost being the protection and sustenance of the brain. The brain is able to extract what little glucose it needs (to supplement ketones) from proteins. This process of protein extraction is known as gluconeogenesis.

So, since the use of keto diet is effective in providing adequate and necessary sustenance for the brain, then people are now wondering if there is any other correction that has been made with regard to the capabilities of carbs. The truth is that there is a recent improvement.

It is general knowledge that keto diets can help in weight loss, management of epilepsy and many other medical uses. But a lot of people still do not know whether a person is able to be a bodybuilder while sticking to his or her keto diet. The answer is actually a resounding yes. One can continue his or her keto diet programme while also building his or her body successfully. The secret lies in the intake of proteins and an appropriate amount of cholesterol.a high protein snack perfect for the Keto diet & athletes.

Fatty food rich in cholesterol and proteins can be incorporated into a keto diet to aid in bodybuilding.

There are many meals that could help you build your muscles as you adhere to your keto diet pattern. Most of these meals are fatty and/or proteins in nature. We will now discuss 5 meals:

1) Keto Baked Salmon with Lemon and Butter: This is quite easy to prepare and even easier and tastier to eat. It will take approximately 30 minutes to prepare.

2) Sushi Rolls with Smoked Salmon and Avocado: little rolls of “heaven”. Get something healthy but equally delicious to nibble on.

3) Steak and Eggs: Well prepared steak with fried eggs, this is simple and straightforward. It is a fitting combination for breakfast (a power breakfast).

4) Seared Steak: This is simply a steak that has been seared in a suitable oil of choice. You could try using bacon fat, an example is a reverse seared ribeye steak

5) Strawberry Banana Protein Pancakes.

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