Hepa-Merz Powder 30 packs 5g each


Active component: Hepa-Merz- powder
Form release: 30 packs 5g each



Hepa-Merz* is an original German medicine which is detoxicant-hepatoprotector. The main and most important distinctness of medicine Hepa-Merz Powder from other medicines for treatment of liver in a fact that it not just neutralizes toxins and assets them to be cleared from the body affecting as detoxicative agent but also actively helps in restoration of cells and natural functions of liver which is the most organ of toxins neutralization, i. e. provides an hepatoprotective effect.

Hepatoprotection effect (protection of liver) is ensured by decreasing of toxic load on liver, as well as metabolic support of hepar cells by two amino acids which are ornithine and aspartate included in medicine`s content. Hepa-Merz has many other positive properties too, such as effect of decreasing of insulin resistance. It allows implementation of Hepa-Merz Powder in many cases when support of liver is required: at hepatitis of different origin, at alcohol and non-alcohol hepar disease, at diabetes of І and ІІ types, at detoxication in case of food, alcohol and drug poisonings; for protection of hepar at acute and chronic diseases of hepar of various origin.

Hepa-Merz – freedom from toxins and help in restoration of natural function of liver!


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